Design Assist

Design Assist

Pacific Construction Group (PCG) in Orange County California is pleased to offer comprehensive Design Assist services on every project. This next-level service integrates the design and build teams at the start of the project with the goal of streamlining the process and reducing unnecessary costs.



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What is Design Assist?

Design Assist is an integrated approach to the development process. Rather than have a designer or architect conceptualize a project and then hand it over to the build team, in a Design Assist format, the design and build teams come together at the beginning of the project. This allows the construction team to showcase their expertise early on.

At Pacific Construction Group (PCG), our experienced contractors identify and troubleshoot any issues during the initial meeting, before the actual construction process begins.

Why is Design Assist valuable?

Design Assist is an integrated approach whose purpose is to save time and money. The construction team can provide valuable insight and first hand expertise related to conditions of the site, the viability of certain construction elements, installation methods, and of course, cost.

By proactively looking at a proposed design, our experienced and professional contractors can identify potential issues; make expert recommendations and suggest alternatives; and work with the design team to bring the client’s vision to life.

How Does PCG Integrate Design Assist?

Design Assist brings contractors and designers together early on in the process. The purpose is to discuss the scope of work and the client’s vision to identify any elements that may cause delays or additional unplanned costs.

Our teams collaborate to bring forth solutions to design elements in ways that save the client time and money without compromising on their vision.

Through the Design Assist service, our professional team & subcontractors lend valuable firsthand experience through the professional recommendations they make. And, they lend a clarity of purpose to the overall project.

PCG is able to provide a next-level service to every client by bringing the design and construction teams together early on. Discussing the project fully, before any ground is broken, helps ensure the process will be as smooth and seamless as possible for the client.

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