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The planning, construction, or renovation to a medical facility, led by our expert team at Pacific Construction Group, could improve upon the function of your property, improve energy efficiency, and create dynamic and new spaces to accommodate your needs.

As of about ten years ago, healthcare facilities now have a financial impetus to consider in the design, build, or renovations of medical facilities. Currently, the government pays higher medical reimbursements to medical facilities that earn higher “patient satisfaction” survey scores and deliver a better patient experience. And this survey measures more than just clinical outcomes —- it measures the patient’s satisfaction with the facilities, the environment, the rooms, the equipment, the landscape/parking/entrances, and more. Bottom line is: the better the overall patient experience, the more money the healthcare facility will receive in medical reimbursements.

Pacific Construction Group (PCG) in Orange County, California is your trusted general contractor for healthcare and medical facility commercial construction and renovations.

Patient satisfaction and the overarching umbrella of patient experience is a driving force behind many healthcare facilities’ decisions to significantly renovate their spaces to create a better patient and customer experience.

When you flip the lens and see things from the patient, visitor, or even employee’s point of view, many things stand out. Is the parking garage convenient, accessible, and safe? Does it allow traffic to flow smoothly and patients and employees to get where they need to be efficiently?

Are there spaces in the healthcare facility where visitors can go to wait for patients who are in surgery? Or are they crammed into a small waiting room?

Do employees have the spaces they need to decompress between shifts? Or must they resort to old-school healthcare “break rooms” or worse, the cafeteria, where they may encounter patients or visitors while they are off the clock?

All of these considerations and more are included in Pacific Construction Group’s comprehensive planning process to ensure your goals and objectives are met in your new construction or renovation of your medical facility

With more than two decades of professional experiences, Pacific Construction Group has the expertise to lead the building or transformation of your medical or healthcare facility and dramatically enhance the experience of your visitors, employees, and patients.

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