Educational/Institutional Construction in Orange County

At Pacific Construction Group we lead every stage of the project from the initial meeting to the final delivery. With more than two decades of professional experience, our team delivers an unparalleled experience to bring your educational or institutional new design or renovation project to fruition.

We provide uncompromising customer service and we strive for a seamless experience. We proudly serve as your single point of contact at every stage of your educational, institutional construction or renovation project in Orange County California and the surrounding areas.

Educational, institutional projects and renovations require a special understanding of learning and teaching needs. We take the time, at the beginning of the project, to fully understand your needs and goals as well as the feasibility of the proposed design to ensure the finished product exceeds your goals and provides an ideal environment for your audience.

Our talented and highly skilled team of professionals at Pacific Construction Group bring more than two decades of solid experience to the table. We are proud to have earned a reputation for excellence and integrity and we are honored to offer premier general contractor services for educational and institutional new builds and renovation projects across Orange County California.

We assess the scope of your project to foster a deep understanding which we communicate to our team of sub-contractors. PCG is your trusted general contractor in Orange County for all of your educational and institutional new construction and/or renovation projects.

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Scroll through our gallery of completed projects spanning more than two decades to see what’s possible for your next project.

Our Process

This is a vital first step in the realization of your project. Preconstruction is where our solutions-focused team shares their expertise by assessing and advising on the feasibility of the project. Ultimately, our goal is to deliver your project with as seamlessly as possible.
In this step, our team works to assemble a budget and ensure cost controls are in place to keep your project on track within the parameters of a sound budget. We also proactively determine any expenses upfront as well as any potential challenges that may arise. This ensures we are making the most realistic budget as possible.
Our team will solicit pricing from a variety of trusted subcontractors to find the right fit for your educational or institutional project build or renovation. Also during this process, we establish the guaranteed maximum price, which helps expedite the bidding process.
When all of the preconstruction planning, assessing, and advising is done, we’re ready to break ground and realize your vision!

Our Philosophy

Our business was founded on integrity, excellence, and a commitment to exceeding expectations as a general contractor for educational and institutional projects. Scroll through our gallery of completed projects over more than two decades to see what’s possible for your project.

Our Partners

We work with only the best sub-contractors in Orange County and the surrounding areas. They are vetted by our team and they know our expectations are high and uncompromising for every client and every project. We set the bar high and we hold our sub-contractors to that high standard.

When you work with Pacific Construction Group, you can be confident knowing we are handling all of the details. As the project manager and your single point of contact, know that your project, your vision, and your goals are our highest priority.